The San Romedio Mine

Since the early 2000s, Tassullo has played a lead role in a unique project for the regeneration of spaces; the empty areas inside the San Romedio Mine created by the mining activities have been converted into highly sustainable storage areas, becoming an important opportunity for companies seriously committed to reducing their ecological footprint.

This significant virtuous example of circular economy was made possible thanks to a regulation - the only one of its kind in Italy - passed by the Autonomous Province of Trento, which allows for the creation of structures within mining areas dedicated to the storage of agricultural produce or to other activities both economic and non-economic.

With a constant temperature of approximately 12 degrees and the total absence of water infiltration, the mining areas offer the ideal conditions for the storage of a varied range of goods, and the advantages available to those opting for this sustainable choice are many; a reduction in energy costs, a reduction in the land dedicated to warehousing, environmental benefits due to the absence of the need to dispose of products from the refrigeration chain, an increase in warehouse safety and much more.

This project is a source of pride in terms of the company values and vision and allows Tassullo to develop important collaborations with companies from other sectors. The growing interest shown by the press and the impression that the mine has on visitors confirm the potential for business in the cultural and tourism sectors.